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Our Philosophy

We live in an era where materialistic pleasures are prior to human values. We sometimes fail to lead a balanced sense of life, affecting our approach towards the significance, emotions and principles of existence. It leads to our negligence towards our loved ones and towards the mankind. They are deprived of the respect & love they deserve and distanced from the normal society.

Our Happy Old Age Home is a venerable initiative by Society for Capacitive Development & Welfare, dedicated for the welfare of such neglected sections of the society. The values and intentions of the institution are strongly based on the Mahatma’s philosophy of “Service to Mankind is Service to God!” We are a Government Recognized institution, but purely run on the donations from the people on the better half of the society.

We request to take a step forward to donate and help us impart a meaningful, healthy and dignified living towards this neglected section of the society.

Our Mission

In the mad rush of 21st century, one of the noble Indian traditional values of joint family with respect to the elders, welfare of the weak, diseased dependents being ignored or neglected.

We cannot blame any one for this global change,social challenge and human crisis. Unlike the institutional support in the developed societies with fair degree of sheltered homes for the senior citizens,we have serious issues in providing care to our seniors. They constitute vulnerable group due to physical ,psychosomatic health and social withdrawal. Poverty and rural deprivation further aggregates their living. Worst bit are the women belonging to weakers sections living in rural areas without any economic or social security.

Though government of india passed national policy on senior citizens and their welfare,due to complexity of the problems of the elderly,much has not improved in the plight of our elders. Hence,the need for the support of the community for their safe and secured maintenance and well being.Thus,the role of NGOS assumes significance.

To meet the increasing demand for support and maintenance of the needy seniors, caring elders, We appeal to the public to share their resources liberally and to supplement our endeavors for extending a helping hand to our elders,as a token of our enlightened social responsibility.

Our Programs

We are integrating our programmes and services, and consciously moving from welfare towards development and long term sustainability for seniors. We are working closely with Senior Citizen Associations and encouraging seniors to speak up for their own rights.

We are actively working as a pressure group and focusing on Elder Rights such as the Right to adequate Health Insurance, Right to Universal Pension and working towards providing elders a society with age appropriate services.

In our continuing fight against poverty, isolation and neglect of elders though we have made significant strides, but they are just a drop in the ocean.

Our Current Projects Include:

Happy Old Age Home | Shiva, Surya & Parshanath Bhagwan temple | Gou shala (Cow Shed) | School for Children from the downtrodden sections of society

Our Upcoming Projects Include:

Blood Donation Camp | Eye Donor Awareness Program | Swadeshi Awareness Skills Development Program | Updated Skill Development Awareness Program | Technology Education & Awareness Program